"Sea Gates of Lake Baikal" cruise

"Sea Gates of Lake Baikal" cruise
Route: Itinerary: Listvyanka settlement – Cape Bolshoi Kadilny – Listvyanka settlement
Duration: 1 day

The cruise itinerary starts from Listvyanka settlement.  The settlement stands on the shore of Lake Baikal at the source of the Angara River. It is the endpoint of Baikal Highway and the starting point for acquaintance with the magical lake for most travelers.  Ships have departing from this main jetty of the Lake Baikal for already three hundred years, taking travelers to the southern part of the lake, to the north, to the Small Sea, to Tchivirkuysky bay and present-day recreation zones.

Journey on the water enables to observe all landmarks of Listvyanka from the most advantageous points.  The viewing point opposite the legendary Shaman Rock, Tchersky Rock, the monument to Alexander Vampilov placed on the death spot of the famous playwright.  The world-famous unique Lake Baikal Museum.  Russia's largest solar telescope, which is used to study activity of the sun.  Russia's only Limnology Institute – the lake research institute, which protects the lake, is located near Cap Academichesky. A constant object of all sightseeing trips is the functioning St. Nicholas Church in Krestovaya valley.

Before departing on a water voyage, passengers of the motor ship are welcome to taste hot-smoked omul with fragrant smoky flavor at the fish and souvenir market right next to the central jetty. You can also buy souvenirs of Baikal stones or birch bark.

After observing Listvyanka from the water, the motor ship follows the shoreline to Cape Bolshoy Kadilny which is approximately 24 km away.  In the past, local people used to mine limestone and anneal it to produce lime. This ancient industry gave the name to the cape.  Still today, tourists often find lumps of limestone with petrified remains of ancient organisms.

Several famous natural attractions are nearby the cape: caves in Malaya Kadilnaya valley with traces of ancient people's dwelling, Tchayachy rock with the famous Devil's Bridge.

The motor ship makes a stop at Cape Bolshoy Kadilny. Tourists are offered a walk on the shore, fishing and boat rides.  If the fishing is successful, you may enjoy cooking traditional Baikal fish soup or fish grilled on sticks.
The motor ship departs to return to Listvyanka as the sun begins to set. 

Cruise program: 

  • 9.00 – departure from Listvyanka settlement
  • 11.00 – arrival to Cape Bolshoy Kadilny
  • 19.00 – arrival to Listvyanka settlement

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Dear Anatoli Viktorovich and all crew members! Please allow us to thank you for the unforgettable days on board of your hospitable, modern and reliable ship. We are leaving the ship now with strong impressions of Lake Baikal's beauty and vivid memories of meeting its local people. PS: Special thanks for the donuts!
Zadornovy and Alexeenko families

Please accept words of thanks on behalf of administration and staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for attentive service. We wish luck, happiness and health to the entire crew!
Deputy Minister R. Tsalikov