An excellent cause to spend quality time in a circle of friends, and we will take care of the details for you!

Weddings and anniversaries

A wedding or a birthday party on the ship has a whole list of advantages.

  • The unusual environment of a motor ship will help to make your celebration original. A theme party of pioneers, travelers, a marine-style celebration is already half taken care of if you hire a ship. Just add some decoration, choose appropriate music and program to match, and your wonderful celebration will be a memory cherished for a long time.
  • Lots of fresh air always available! Hiring the ship will not only give you a breathtaking lake voyage, but also a great source of rest, a chance to enjoy scenic landscapes and to feel yourself a part of nature. If you plan your wedding on a ship, you will bypass the exhausting walk in the city, traffic jams or lines to get pictures taken in front of memorials. Your wedding pictures and video will feature beautiful and original landscapes in the background.
  • A pleasant journey on Lake Baikal will leave no one half-hearted. How luring and interesting it can be to re-discover Lake Baikal. We are assured that you will take a new look at places you have known before and discover lots of interesting attractions.
  • A drink reception will be a great option of catering for a wedding. This will allow guests to communicate more, to have more fun, to take part in the festive program more.
  • A wedding on board of motor ship is a fashionable, inspiring and unforgettable choice. Just imagine when beautiful pictures and video will remind you of this great voyage. Think about the enjoyment when you look through them later or show them to your children and grandchildren.

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