"The Golden Buckle of Russia" cruise

"The Golden Buckle of Russia" cruise
Route: Listvyanka settlement – Cape Tolsty – Cape Ulanovo – Listvyanka settlement
Duration: 1 day

Discover the lost world of the famous Circum-Baikal Railway with our single-day cruise "The Golden Buckle of Russia".

The water tour starts at the jetty in Listvyanka settlement.  Then, the ship heads for the scenic and enormous Cape Tolsty.  This is the 91st kilometer of the Circum-Baikal Railway.

The Circum-Baikal Railway is a unique monument of history and architecture.  It is unmatched in the world by originality of engineering.  The railway was built by the decree of Tsar Alexander III to connect the center of Russia by rail to its eastern borders.  The railway was commissioned in 1905. The Minister of Railways Prince M.N. Khilkov rode in the first train.  This part of the Transsiberian railway is called "the golden buckle of the steel belt of Russia" because of complexity and the amount of construction work.  After construction of Irkutsk Hydro Power Plant, part of the railway became underwater, and the existing dead-end branch from station Kultuk to station Baikal has become the present-day tourist attraction.

Journey on the water will give you a chance to also see the natural vastness of Lake Baikal's shore, as well as the preserved calm of this open-air museum.  Traveling on board of the ship, you will be able to observe all structures built on the shore in the last century: the railway strip along the water, preserved portals, numerous galleries, tunnels, overpasses and support walls.  Wooden buildings of railway stations built in modern style of early XX century keep the unique feeling of the silver age.

Near Cape Ulanovo, the motor ship will make a stop to let you observe the old railway at a closer distance.  You will be offered a walk along more than a century old racks, visiting cold and dark tunnels, an exhibition of old steam locomotives.  Boat rides are offered on request.  In the evening, you will be enjoying kebab barbecue and grilled fish on sticks on the shore of Lake Baikal accompanied by the local anthem: "Sacred Sea, Lake Baikal".

On the way bay, guests of "Valeri Bukhner" motor ship will get a chance to admire the famous Baikal sunset.  This itinerary is especially popular in the autumn, when the lake is decorated with a bright array of colors. 

Tour program:
  • 9.00 – departure from Listvyanka settlement
  • During the day – visiting Cape Ulanovo
  • 19.00 – arrival to Listvyanka settlement

On customers' request, the itinerary may be changed, by agreement between the group leader and ship captain before departure.

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Dear Anatoli Viktorovich and all crew members! Please allow us to thank you for the unforgettable days on board of your hospitable, modern and reliable ship. We are leaving the ship now with strong impressions of Lake Baikal's beauty and vivid memories of meeting its local people. PS: Special thanks for the donuts!
Zadornovy and Alexeenko families

Please accept words of thanks on behalf of administration and staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for attentive service. We wish luck, happiness and health to the entire crew!
Deputy Minister R. Tsalikov