An excellent cause to spend quality time in a circle of friends, and we will take care of the details for you!

Dear team!
A huge thank you for a lovely stay and our special thanks to your chefs:)
We are very grateful to the captain for practical advice and assistance in the organization of the route... very sad that the trip lasted only three days.
A group of Moscow tourists
Well done! We are very happy! The kitchen is super, the staff is just wonderful. The best girls cook in Victoria and Svetlana! Thank you! The award to all the staff at 5000 R.
Семья Войтюк Размер: 24.2 Кб
Family Voytyuk
Dear, fellow leaders!
Please encourage all team t/progress "Valery Buchner" for the attentive, polite, very good natured and friendly service to its guests. Excellent, well-coordinated team left the most pleasant impressions! Thank you very much! The MSM Vladivostok, Your suppliers and Totachi oils ENEOS.
компания ENEOS Размер: 35.8 Кб
The company "ENEOS"
The group of companies "factorial" expresses gratitude to all the staff of the m/V "Valeriy Buchner" for the wonderful time on lake Baikal. Thank you for the skillful actions of the crew, to whom we have entrusted ourselves. Thank you for the delicious porridge, cakes and a lot of cute girls. Thank you very much for a pleasant pastime!
Компания Факториал Размер: 36.9 Кб
The group of companies "factorial"
Dear Angela and Natalie!
To Express our gratitude for the quality, variety of food, helpful and attentive to our company. We felt like home! Thank you so much! Well done! Jorunna S. N., Vadim Chernyshov+ Kate+Sonia+Asya+Eugene Chernyshov.
Семья Чернышовых Размер: 29 Кб
Family Chernyshevich

Please accept words of thanks on behalf of administration and staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for attentive service. We wish luck, happiness and health to the entire crew!
Deputy Minister R. Tsalikov
Dear Anatoli Viktorovich and all crew members!
Please allow us to thank you for the unforgettable days on board of your hospitable, modern and reliable ship.  We are leaving the ship now with strong impressions of Lake Baikal's beauty and vivid memories of meeting its local people.
PS: Special thanks for the donuts!
Zadornovy and Alexeenko families