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An excellent cause to spend quality time in a circle of friends, and we will take care of the details for you!


Choose your Lake Baikal cruise itinerary with us to explore the feeling of a pioneer watching the outlines of the new undiscovered land unfolding in front of you.  You will truly enjoy the combination of endless mirror-like water surface, bottomless sky and scarlet sunsets, while your Baikal trophies will be your lifetime keepsake of the trip.

Your Lake Baikal cruise on board of our motor ship may last for several days, giving you a chance to observe all local attractions and rich local natural environment.  How do you choose a ship for an unforgettable journey? The answer is obvious – choose motor ship "Valeri Bukhner".

Motor ship "Valeri Bukhner" is a comfortable double-deck VIP-class motor ship. The ship cruises at speed up to 18 km/h and carries state-of-the-art navigation equipment. 


  • Vessel class - 2.0 (maritime)
  • Navigation area - Lake Baikal
  • Dimensions - length 27.1 m, width 5.5 m.
  • Passenger capacity - 20 persons
  • Optimal passenger capacity - 16 persons
  • Vessel crew - 6 persons
  • Two decks
  • Six comfortable cabins for accommodation
  • Lounge room for up to 20 persons
  • A sauna with Lake Baikal bathing deck

The upper deck features an observation platform with sun beds; a perfect opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Lake Baikal during your cruise. The upper deck also has a large table and benches for outdoor meals. The motor ship carries a smaller motor boat, making it possible to land ashore anywhere, as well as fishing and picnic gear. All necessary rescue equipment is in place: life vests, lifesavers, rafts.

Motor ship "Valeri Bukhner"

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