"Along Southern Shores of Lake Baikal" cruise

"Along Southern Shores of Lake Baikal" cruise
Route: Listvyanka settlement – Cape Bolshoi Kadilny – Peschanaya bay – Babushka bay – Sennaya bay – Sukhaya bay – Cape Tolsty – Cape Ulanovo – Listvyanka settlement
Duration: 3 days, 2 nights

This cruise will give you not only a chance to spend great time at Lake Baikal, but also to get to know the most famous places of its southern shore.

Cape Bolshoy Kadilny is the most convenient jetty for the motor ship on its way to Peschanaya bay.  The cape derives its name from ancient industry of limestone annealing.  Even today, tourists still find here petrified remains of prehistoric organisms.  The shore of the cape is a great spot for relaxing, going on boat rides and fishing.  Our most inquiring guests will enjoy caves in Malaya Kadilnaya valley with traces of ancient people's dwelling, Tchayachy rock with the famous Devil's Bridge.

Peschanaya bay is often called the "Pearl of Baikal". The bay features exceptionally scenic landscape, soft microclimate and magnificent sandy beach, all of which made the bay world-famous.  Local natural attractions include huge rocks of Bolshaya and Malay Kolokolnya (Big and Small Bell-Tower), "walking" trees with roots hanging in the air, the "pocket-shaped" Baklany Kamen island.  A viewing point on the top of rock offers a breathtaking panorama of Lake Baikal shores.  The local recreation base draws numerous visitors.

The adjacent Babushka bay is a miniature copy of Peschanaya bay.  It is a more secluded bay with sand dunes and water suitable for bathing.

Sukhaya bay is an excellent spot for leisure.  Tourists say that the weather is always sunny here.  Long sandy beach, pure water of Lake Baikal, thick forest and a group of cheerful idol sculptures welcome visitors hospitably both from the land and from the water.

The impression of the south of Lake Baikal will not be complete if you miss visiting the Circum-Baikal Railway, which used to connect the western and eastern branches of the Transsiberian Railway.  Nowadays it is a unique museum under the sky.  Circum-Baikal Railway is especially attractive in winter, when Baikal spares no color to decorate it.  From the board you will be able to observe railway tracks, which run right by the water, the historic tunnels, galleries and overpasses.  An exhibition of old steam locomotives is available at Cape Ulanovo. 

Cruise program:

Day 1

  • 9:00 departure from Listvyanka settlement
  • 11:00 stop at Cape Bolshoy Kadilny. Walk on the shore
  • 16:00 arrival to Peschanaya bay. Walk on the shore, sightseeing. Boat rides, volleyball game. Traditional "sunset hour" in the evening by an open fire with kebab barbecue.
Day 2

  • 10:00 arrival to Babushka bay, sightseeing, departure to Sennaya bay, sightseeing
  • Middle of day: arrival to Sukhaya bay. Landing ashore, walking, boat rides, volleyball game, Russian sauna.
  • Overnight trip to Cape Tolsty.

Day 3

  • 10:00 walk along the shore, sightseeing of Circum-Baikal Railway.
  • 18:00 Trip to Cape Tolsty
  • 19:00 Trip to Listvyanka settlement

On customers' request, the itinerary may be changed, by approval between the group leader and ship captain before departure. Extra services: fishing, excursion to old steam locomotives exhibition.

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Dear Anatoli Viktorovich and all crew members! Please allow us to thank you for the unforgettable days on board of your hospitable, modern and reliable ship. We are leaving the ship now with strong impressions of Lake Baikal's beauty and vivid memories of meeting its local people. PS: Special thanks for the donuts!
Zadornovy and Alexeenko families

Please accept words of thanks on behalf of administration and staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for attentive service. We wish luck, happiness and health to the entire crew!
Deputy Minister R. Tsalikov