An excellent cause to spend quality time in a circle of friends, and we will take care of the details for you!

Fishing at Lake Baikal

A motor ship tour or a journey with friends or relatives is an excellent way to not only spend great time together, but also to learn more about the beauty of Lake Baikal and to pay more attention to each other.  River cruises are an excellent chance to relax, to fish and to recharge your vital energy. 

Fishing at Lake Baikal will leave no heart untouched, even if you are not a big fan of this kind of leisure.  We are talking about the original angling, one on one with the smart fish, at sunrise, when Lake Baikal is still sleeping...

There are 58 species of fish in the lake, but main interest for a fisherman in summer are grayling, pike, perch and Siberian roach.  The last three belong to shallow-water species.  The locals do not consider them proper fish, and they use the word "fish" exclusively for Baikal omul. Shallow-water species can be found in shallow warm bays, such as Mukhor, Tchivirkuysky, Proval and numerous shallow bays of the Small Sea, and lots of other places.  But trying to catch those fish when you are not in shallow water is practically a waste of time, although there may be some exceptions. 

Motor ship "Valeri Bukhner" carries a motor boat, which allows to land ashore in any place you like.  In addition, the ship offers all gear for fruitful fishing and unforgettable picnics. 


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