An excellent cause to spend quality time in a circle of friends, and we will take care of the details for you!

Business meetings and corporate events

In many companies, regular corporate parties look completely alike.  We would like to offer you an opportunity for an entirely original reception.  As you order a river cruise, you will get everything you need for a corporate celebration: excellent cuisine, cultural program, karaoke.  Hiring a motor ship is the best way to celebrate an event in your company.

How about replacing the artificial cool of conditioned air by true fresh wind, which smells with sea? Change the light of fluorescent tubes for sunlight? Give it a try!

If you choose to invite your business partners for a ship tour of Lake Baikal, you will be able to accomplish two goals at once.  Firstly, you will show them all sightseeing attractions of the lake.  Secondly, you will have an opportunity for an informal drink reception.  It is true that good conditions for communication determine the success or failure of negotiations to a great extent. 


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